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Working Principle of Industrial Peanut Butter Machine| Peanut Butter Making Machine The machine is through the different geometry of the stator and rotor in the high-speed rotation of the relative movement,... Read More

Almond Butter Grinding Machine | Almond Butter Making Machine Advantages: 1. In addition to the machine motor and some parts, other parts contacting material are all made of high strength stainless... Read More

Working Principle of Peanut Wet Peeling Machine: The structure of the peeling machine is mainly a feeding device and a peeling rubber wheel. Peanuts need to be put into hot water... Read More

Structure Advantages of Rice Hulling Machine | Oat shelling machine: 1.This machine is our company's patented product, using the most advanced shelling technology, a shelling rate of up to 99%, equivalent... Read More

Characteristics of Small Cocoa Bean Peeling Machine|Coffee bean peeling machine: 1. Three rubber rollers are installed in the head of the husking machine, and the coffee beans will be peeled twice... Read More

Features of Hemp Seed Shelling Machine|Cannabis Seeds Dehuller Machine: 1. One time can separate the husk thoroughly clean. The noise is small. 2. The body as a whole sealing type, the... Read More

JB BATTERY, a OEM rechargeable battery manufacturer in China over 10 years. Specialized in custom nimh battery packs, Lithium polymer battery, LiFePO4 battery and Li-ion Battery pack. Our batteries got... Read More

Why choose 34 inch t5 led bulb 90mm? 1. Driver with Rubycon capacitor: safer and more stable. 2. 6063 Aluminum profile with excellent heat dissipation, good thermal conductivity, extend lifespan, no bending... Read More

we have 12 years of experience in 1000w led stadium lights, and 100-1500w led stadium lights can be chosen. 1. The 1000w LED Flood Light Football Stadium Lights Lumileds 5050... Read More

high cri led tube High CRI T8 Led 97ra 95ra LED Tube Light ●CRI:95ra t8 led tube, and 97ra 98ra are also available (R9:80ra). ●1.2mm thick 6063 aluminum alloyed shell with excellent heat... Read More