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Vinyl ester resin Manufacturer | vinyl ester resin manufacturers india

To make innovative products newer chemicals are an essential component. At Revex, We constantly keep experimenting and researching to make and provide newer specialty chemicals with better capabilities. Helping you... Read More

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Redwop – Construction & Building Solutions | Industry Adhesives

Redwop is a leading manufacturer of specialist chemicals for the construction industry, combining high-quality products and expert technical support. Redwop is a highly lauded name in the realm of industrial and... Read More

Polymers are one of the major 3D printing materials. Polymer 3D printing is an emerging technology that has greater applications in industries, particularly in the medical field. 3D printing polymer... Read More

Glycerol monostearate or monostearin, is a monoglyceride commonly used as an emulsifier in foods. Chemically it is the monoglycerol ester of stearic acid. Glyceryl stearate is a food additive used... Read More

Emulsifier example | Emulsifier meaning, definition & type

An emulsifier is an additive which helps two liquids mix. For example, equal amounts of water and oil when poured in a glass tend to separate after some time, but... Read More

Alcohol ethoxylates belong to the class of compounds which are synthesized via the reaction of a fatty alcohol and ethylene oxide, resulting in a molecule that consists of two parts... Read More

Polyethylene glycol or abbreviated as PEG

What is peg?Polyethylene glycol (peg full form) is chemically a polyether compound. Mostly it is formed by the addition of ethylene oxide to ethylene glycol or diethylene glycol. Therefore the... Read More