Wellness: Integral to Luxury Housing in 2021

Since the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, India’s real estate sector has witnessed a tremendous change from the wellness living standpoint. Now, the sector is focusing on projects that completely change the way people live. Wellness has become an integral part of interior design. People have started preferring homes that prioritise the value of safe living and health. Traditional home designs with ample space to go through everyday chores are in vogue. Also, the industry witnessed a spike in the demand for organic living.

Whether it is a 2 BHK flat near Thane station or some other place, the perception of luxury housing has changed since the inception of COVID-19. People’s focus has shifted to wellness and fitness of the family instead of buying a certain type of house that furthers their status symbol. If you want a house that supports wellness, here are a few 2021 trends you may want to know or follow:

Allow More Sunlight Inside the House:-
Natural light helps the body to produce Vitamin D and improves one’s sleep cycle, which in turn will help you stay more focussed and productive throughout the day. Hence, open the doors and windows every morning and let the sunlight enter the rooms. Choose curtains that are light so that you can potentially receive more daylight/sunlight throughout the day. Sunlight is also a natural disinfectant and cleanses the air as well.

Stay Close to Nature:-
To feel close to nature, install large windows that will allow you to enjoy a beautiful view of the garden or a balcony, replete with greenery. It has a positive impact on people’s minds and makes them feel more relaxed and calm, especially when they have to avoid public places and maintain social distancing.

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