TOP 7 Benefits of cloud storage for Healthcare

The healthcare industry generates large amounts of vital data that is extremely sensitive in terms of patient care & better healthcare results. As healthcare professionals, hospitals, etc. move their data on the cloud, we need to understand the prime benefits of information management.

1. Quick & easy access to healthcare information.

Quick & easy access to crucial information like prescriptions, patient history, lab reports, X-rays, etc. is important for diagnosis, treatment, perpetual patient care. With crucial information on-the-go, doctors, specialists, nurses, or other healthcare individuals can leverage the latest information for proactive decision making

2. Role-based availability of Sensitive Healthcare Data.

Cloud storage platforms like iFCloud enable doctors and patients to get access to privileged healthcare information. Doctors can assign granular permissions to access privileged information like billing history, medical condition details, treatments, lab reports, etc. For example, the back-office personnel does not need to view all patient data, thus, it can be stored in a separate cloud drive or folder, and shared with through a secure link.

3. Integration with Third-Party Software or Applications.

Cloud-based medical data can be made available to any person or application that has privileges to access a certain piece of data. With complete flexibility & scalability, cloud storage platforms can be integrated with other third-party software or applications.

4. Better Collaboration & Data Handover.

Medical errors are still a potential challenge or threat to patient care. Data stored in the cloud mean medical professionals & others can leverage the latest information to understand & collaborate on treatment. If there’s a handover between various healthcare teams, or if a patient is assigned to another provider, then everyone can gain access to the latest patient records.

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