Tommy Miah- Uniting Cultures through Cuisines

In the world of culinary arts, few names resonate with the same level of passion, innovation, and dedication as Tommy Miah. Hailing from Bangladesh, Miah has carved a niche for himself in the global gastronomic arena, earning accolades and admiration from food enthusiasts and critics alike. His journey from the bustling streets of Dhaka to the prestigious kitchens of international establishments is a testament to his commitment to the art of cooking.
Tommy Miah is up with a brand new idea of store franchises, named as “Chotpoti Express” which is of South Asian Street foods. To boost sales effortlessly and entice customers, Tommy Miah’s Chotpoti is coming to convenience stores from all over the world. Therefore, earn some extra money with minimal space of 150-200Sqft. Without any professional chef being required, with a very simple setup and with some dedicated and reliable staffs, run your business and achieve success with less efforts.