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The reality of governments racing to spend on cybersecurity

The reality of governments racing to spend on cybersecurity

Submitted by • February 19, 2020

"A commentary published in a leading broadsheet asked why the DICT even has «confidential funds.» The real question, though, is whether cybersecurity merits that amount of money. In truth, in terms of other governments spending on cybersecurity, $5,894,297.

Investing ahead of cyber attacks

The government of the United States, the country with which Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has considered abrogating a Visiting Forces Agreement , had proposed a US$17. 43 billion budget for cybersecurity spending for fiscal year 2020. government was already spending US$13. 15 billion on cybersecurity.

97 million in 2019, small wonder that the Saudi government would invest in cybersecurity as well as draft more laws to target cybercrime. The amount spent by the Saudis on cybersecurity is a far cry from that of the US but still a significant amount as it was expected to be in the area of US$1. 87 billion by this year. An Asean neighbor of the Philippines, Singapore, has been at the forefront

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