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The Household Small-sized Pellet Machine

The Household Small-sized Pellet Machine

Submitted by • July 9, 2019

The household small-sized pellet machine is mainly suitable for rural farmers, farmer households, small-scale pig farms, rabbit farms, cattle and sheep farms, chicken farms, etc. Household small-scale feed granulators can be used for fine materials and coarse materials. There are two types of fiber granulation. The former materials may be corn, bran, wheat, soybean meal, etc., and the latter are mostly selected from rice husks, cotton stalks, cottonseed husks, crop stalks, and the like. Some household small-sized pellet machines can even granulate cinder and sawdust, which is convenient for farmers to use or sell.
Generally, for areas far from the forage, the cattle and sheep are carefully selected from the ground, and the straw-like and dry pastures can be granulated by using the corn stalk feed pellet machine. For small cattle farms, a small household simple grass powder feed pellet unit can be satisfied.

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