Statuaria Marble Tile UK – Floor & Tile | British Granite

British Granite presents Statuaria Marble Tile & Slab in the UK for Flooring & Kitchen countertop applications in the UK.
British Granite presents Statuario Marble Tiles which is been manufactured and quarried from Italy. Statuario Marble is highlighted with a white background with grey veins. It is available in polished and honed finishes. A classic and impressive white marble is highlighted with grey veins that spice up the beauty of the marble. If you are looking for a white-veined surface, look no further than Statuario Marble and it has its origin in Italy. These white-veined worktops are extremely durable and it is perfect with the colors such as cream, grey, white, black and brown. If you are sourcing for white-veined background marble, then Statuario Marble is just for you.