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Sports requirements and benefits

Submitted by • October 14, 2018

To keep the body healthy, it can not be finished with the importance of sports. Regular play means the blood circulation of the body is normal. So regular sports bring many benefits for our body. Two types of game from age to age.
1.Minor Games 2.Measure Games.
Minor Games: In the small game of the game people call him the Minor Games. For example, the rope game. BU C, Dipping Police etc.
2. Major games: Major games are big games, such as football games, cricket games, table tennis, volleyball game.
Many people took this job as a profession. All these games can earn a lot of money. For example, football is the best player Messi, Neymar, Merduna and many others.
Sports is divided into two categories. 1. Physical game 2. Emotional game
1. Physical play: The sport that is played with the human body is called physical game. For example, football games, kabaddi games, cricket games etc. All these games have to do a lot of physical activity. But physical game is more popular.
2.National game

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