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RPR Services, LLC – Why Winterization Process Needed

RPR Services, LLC – Why Winterization Process Needed

Submitted by • December 21, 2019

Have you ever wondered! When the season of snow arises, why you face the vandalization in your pipes, water heaters, and other water supplies? The simple explanation is that when water freezes, its molecules expands and becomes ice. The expansion of the water molecules generates pressure within the pipes and this causes devastation of the entire system. Winterization is the process of securing these issues with some very manageable steps. This process involves the evacuation of the water from the heater, clearing of the water from all the pipelines, disconnecting of the taps and valves, and filling them with the non-toxic anti-freezing (propylene-glycol) solutions. Winterization helps the plumbing system of the house to be in its best form without any degradation of the system that is one of the essential service of Property Preservation Process.

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