Pull-me-up cake in coimbatore by CakeBuzz

Pull-me-up cakes are the rage these days. These cakes are exciting because of all the extra condiments that come with them. A pull-me-up cake, true to its name, comes with a food-grade plastic sheet pan wrapped around it. It also comes with a sauce- chocolate or flavored, and some garnish to enhance the flavor. The oozy deliciousness of these cakes takes a party to the next level. Before you cut the cake, you have to pour the sauce on it. Then add the garnish that comes with it. And then…you pull up the plastic to have the sauce ooze all around your cake. This one isn’t for the faint-hearted! This is a whole new kind of yum. We suggest you ‘unveil’ our pull-me-up cakes after you keep them on a plate with high edges. And have your spoons ready.