Product, Interior, eCommerce Photography Studio Dublin

For over 15 years, 50Hz Photography has been providing high-quality professional photography services.
We specialize in product photography, e-commerce, interior photography, architecture and fashion photography. We professionally produce videos, interactive 360 panoramas, drone photography and drone videos. Over the past years, we have collaborated with many well-known brands, such as: Elverys Sports, Prodieco, LSS, Ventura, Havas Media, Media One, Catering Disposables and many others. From interactive virtual tours and time-lapses to aerial drone shots, we are experts in providing beautiful and unique visual media for marketing. Our studio is located in Dublin City centre. 50HZ offer services in Dublin and across Ireland. We use the most modern photographic equipment and the latest photographic techniques, and we are always up-to-date with the latest trends.

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