Private Speech Pathology, Speech Therapy in Australia

Private Speech Pathology Australia

We assess and provide therapy in the most natural environment for you or your child, at home or at school. Together we plan an individualised, evidence-based intervention plan that will suit you or your child’s needs

Express Speech Pathologists are Certified Practicing Speech Pathologists (CPSP’s) who are all registered with Speech Pathology Australia (SPA) so you can be sure you will be accessing the highest quality care.

Speech Pathology for Kids

• Developmental Language Disorder
• Speech Sound Delays and Disorders
• Lisp
• Language Delay
• Hearing Impairment
• Stuttering
• Social Skills
• Swallowing Difficulties (Dysphagia)
• Mealtime assistance
• Aversions to food and drink

Speech Pathology for Adults

• Aphasia
• Apraxia
• Dysarthria
• Voice Therapy
• Swallowing Difficulties (Dysphagia)
• Speech Problems relating to stroke, brain injury, throat cancer, cerebral palsy
• Accent change
• Public Speaking

There may be some circumstances which may not be appropriate for online speech pathology. Examples of this are profound and multiple learning difficulties, Severe hearing and visual impairments.

The Therapy Environment
It is important that you have the correct environment available either at home or within your school to receive online therapy. If therapy is taking place at home then parents need to be made aware of what creates the most suitable environment to receive therapy.


Space should be quiet, with low background noise.
Noisy rooms can be distracting for pupils especially those who have difficulty with language and communication. So think about the best possible environment for the pupil you are working with.
If it is too noisy the therapist may also have trouble hearing you and the pupil which can affect the effectiveness of the intervention.
The therapist will help you to find a suitable environment within your school and they will test it out with you before you bring children for therapy to make sure

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