Oxycodone 5 mg para que sirve >> Linctus Cough Syrup For Dry, Tickly Coughs

Oxycodone linctus is a cough medicine that can help to ease dry or tickly coughs.

It works as a cough suppressant, reducing the urge to cough by easing the irritation or tickling sensation in your throat.

By keeping you from coughing, Oxycodone pills give your throat the chance to heal, helping to ease your cough in the long run as well as short term.

What are dry and tickly coughs?

Dry coughs, which are also known as tickly coughs, are non-productive, meaning that they’re the type of cough that doesn’t produce any mucous.

When you have a dry cough, you’ll usually experience a tickly, uncomfortable feeling in the back of your throat which causes your cough.

This feeling is where the tickly cough gets its name, and it happens because the back of your throat is irritated.

This irritation can have lots of different causes, including a cold, the flu, a sore throat, or other upper respiratory tract infections.

Oxycodone linctus tab is an ideal remedy for dry coughs, as it keeps you from feeling that tickly feeling in your throat that causes a cough.