Most popular Mexico Music Festival

Mexico has a rich and diverse music culture, and there are many music festivals that take place throughout the country throughout the year. Here are some of the most well-known and popular music festivals in Mexico:

Vive Latino: This is one of the biggest and most important music festivals in Latin America, taking place in Mexico City. It features a wide range of artists, including both local and international acts, and covers a variety of music genres including rock, hip-hop, electronic, and more.

Corona Capital: Also held in Mexico City, Corona Capital is another major music festival that features an eclectic lineup of artists from around the world. This festival has become known for its unique blend of indie rock, alternative, and electronic music.

BPM Festival: This festival is one of the premier destinations for electronic music fans, taking place in the beach town of Playa del Carmen. BPM brings together top DJs and producers from around the world for a non-stop party that lasts for several days.

Festival Nrmal: This is another indie-focused festival that takes place in Mexico City, showcasing emerging and established artists from Mexico and around the world. Festival Nrmal is known for its avant-garde and experimental approach to music and arts.

Festival Internacional de la Canción de Mazatlán: This annual festival takes place in the Pacific coastal city of Mazatlán and focuses on traditional Mexican music, including mariachi and ranchera. It is one of the largest and most important cultural events in the region.