Living Hope Church: House of prayer and preaching the word of god

Our goal is to help people who need a new start or redemption. We believe that God loves all people, even those who are poor and broken.
Living Hope Church is a Christian church located in Annville, Pennsylvania, USA. It was started by pastor Jeff Usner. The church was founded on the ideas of faith and hope, which means that people put their trust in God's power rather than what they could see with their own eyes.
At Living Hope Church, our mission as a group led by Pastor Jeff Usner is to share the good news about Jesus Christ with everyone we can. We think that there isn't a big difference between rich and poor. Everyone has the same chance to know the love of Jesus Christ, no matter what they have or don't have.

Living Hope Community Church helped poor communities by giving them money, putting them through rehabilitation programmes, and giving them chances to get an education and do community service. With its slogan "In God We Trust," this church has been making its mark on the community since the day it opened. We help people find their way out of life's darkness and into the light.
Praying hands- The first part of the mission statement of living hope church is clear: we want people to know that God loves them no matter what, and that His love goes beyond all understanding, borders, and barriers.
Let's pray to Jesus using praise and worship songs: It's not just a song; it's a way to encourage people and get them to follow the way of Jesus Christ. When we sing praise and worship songs, we can connect with God in our own lives. Living Hope Church is the Church of the Living God.