labrada nutrition Authorized Dealers in India

Labrada Nutrition, headquartered in Houston, Texas, was founded in 1995 by IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Hall of Famer and former Mr. Universe Lee Labrada. Labrada Nutrition offers a wide range of healthy nutritional supplements including award-winning Lean Body® ready-to-drink protein shakes, meal replacement powders, and bars. Labrada Nutrition’s mission is to empower people with nutritional products and the knowledge they need to get into great shape, and be healthy for life. They provides education on nutrition, fitness & health through their weekly newsletters, social media, content-rich websites, videos, online fitness contests, & dedicated customer support.
Authorized Dealers of Labrada in India

Body Fuel ( ) is the Authorized dealer of Labrada in India, offering 100% Authentic and genuine international supplements for your Bodybuilding, Weight Loss and Wellness goals. All the products at are sourced only from the official importers and Body Fuel is certified for distribution by them.
Authorized Importers of Labrada in India-

Muscle Pro Nutrition – Muscle Pro Nutrition is India’s leading Sports Nutrition distributor that imports genuine health supplements from all the leading brands.
Muscle Pro Nutrition is an exclusive importer of brands like MuscleTech, Muscle Pharm, Labrada Nutrition, Scivation, ProSupps, Quest, ISS Oh Yeah, MHP, Dream Tan, Blender Bottle, and Muscle Revolt products in India. Each of those products come with an authentic 3D hologram sticker. Additionaly, they import the following brands too: Ultimate Nutrition, Nutrex Research, Gaspari Nutrition, Cellucor, Universal Nutrition,

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