Is Cloud-Based SaaS Laboratory Management System Right for Your Laboratory?

Every industry modern laboratories are under pressure to enhance operational efficiency, decrease costs, control regulatory compliance, and improve quality. Apart from this, the rise of CRO (Contract Research Organization) and R&D externalization strategies in the industry of pharmaceuticals has led to laboratories gathering enormous data from different partners, preceding a significant increase in the complexity of lab workflow.

LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), Informatics Solutions are being used along the pharmaceutical industry to meet these challenges. The main reason why cloud-based LIMS is preferred is due to its advanced features like

● Decreased cost,

● Automatic software updates,

● Disaster and backup recovery services,

● Rapid implementation of LIMS,

● Flexibility,

● Security,

● Accessibility,

● Collaborations.

One of the successful Laboratory solutions and laboratory report software used by most of the users is SaaS.