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Introduction to social coffee

Introduction to social coffee

Submitted by • June 8, 2020

We introduce ourselves as Social Coffee, a website and social media initiative which tells the
stories about people all around our country. We give the unspoken voices a chance to speak up
and regale us with their stories – of success, failure, life, hopes, emotion, or anything that comes
to mind. We give these unknown entities a place to just be – A place where they can discover
more like-minded individuals, like themselves, without the fear of being judged for who they are.
Often in the chaos and confusion of the world, these voices are lost, never to be heard. We help
them be who they really are, just with words. And very few other public platforms offer you such
tremendous power through just simple words strung together. The power of our words is what
makes us unique from everyone else out there. And we strive to be the best with a little bit of
your help.
Our company was conceptualized keeping in mind people all over India.

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