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How To Manually Delete Windows 10 File History

How To Manually Delete Windows 10 File History

Submitted by • May 1, 2020

Windows 10 has several new features and one of the features is keeping the files as a backup. Windows 10 regularly back up the files under the PC and also OneDrive for offline availability. By doing the same procedure on a daily basis, it makes a whole history of files. However, if you no more need the files, you can delete those manually with straightforward steps. Unfortunately, if you ever lost some major files or folders, so in this condition, the history of files helps you to restore the lost data. It can only happen because it made the backup of old files, and that is why it takes some space from your hard disk drive too. If you have made up your mind about deleting the files that backed up, so you can remove them manually and release the space from your drive.

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