how to make a career as a video-game streamer.

A complete guide to how to make a career as a video-game streamer.

Who doesn’t love gaming? Well, people who believe gaming is a malarkey, of course, but gaming’s stock has been on an upward stride for a long time now. In an age where gaming is now known as the perfect escape from reality, people spend many hours playing games. It may seem like having fun from your perspective or a waste of time from someone else’s.

But we live in different times now, where people can make money from gaming and see it as a viable career option. As mentioned in our article here.

The most popular option among people to pursue a career in gaming is to become a Video-Game Streamer. 2020 saw a massive spike in two matters; one was COVID, and the other was the rise in video-game streaming.

Let’s see what does it take to be a successful streamer;

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