The corporate brochure is generally based on paper materials as the direct carrier, with corporate culture and corporate products as the dissemination content. It is a direct, image and effective form of publicity for the company. How to design a nice brochure for brochure printing? There are four main steps to making a high-quality corporate brochure:

First, the company's brochure design should stand at the height of brand building. Publicity is never good or bad, there is no intermediate evaluation, and when the audience is defined as "average", you may have been passively out of the game. In this self-exposing society, it is not only you who make the company brochure, only the outstanding company brochure will make your company stand out among many similar companies.

Second, the company's picture book is the vanguard used by the company to support its image, and it is necessary to design the personality of the brand. Not every company's culture is the same, just want to be simple and fast, ignoring the specificity, agency and artistry of the company's brochure design, then, at best, the company's brochure you make is just an imitation product obtained after imitating the style of others.

Third, the company's brochure design should have a far-sighted vision. Company brochures are an important part of corporate brand building. The establishment of corporate status is a long-term accumulation process.

Fourth, determine the main color: the company's brochure is mainly color, such as corporate-specific colors, such as industrial and commercial red, agricultural bank green, CCB blue and so on. Save yourself if you have it. For another example, technology companies should pay attention to their corporate nature and highlight their high-tech sense of technology, but they should not fall into the clichés. The key is to make use of the corporate philosophy.