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Horizontal ribbon mixer

Horizontal ribbon mixer

Submitted by • August 12, 2019

Horizontal ribbon mixer
Horizontal mixer, which is one of the mixers and is the object to be described below. However, this is not very important. In particular, it should be a horizontal ribbon mixer.
Horizontal ribbon mixer, which is mainly used in food, chemical, biological, aquaculture, ceramics, refractory and plastic industries, mainly for solid-solid or solid-paste mixing, in addition to Can be used for the mixing of viscous materials.
2. Working principle
Through the cyclic stirring of the blades in the cylinder, the materials in the cylinder can be mixed quickly and uniformly, thereby obtaining a good mixing effect.
3. Features
(1) The discharge speed is fast and there is no residue.
(2) The heating method generally has two types of electric heating and heat conduction oil heating, so it can be selected according to actual conditions.
(3) The structure is simple, the operation is reliable, and the maintenance is very convenient.
4. Use and maintenance
(1) During th

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