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Here’s what Google doesn’t want you to know: opinion

Here’s what Google doesn’t want you to know: opinion

Submitted by • February 26, 2020

"Catching Google red-handed in its grand schemes to get even richer and more pervasive has become almost a spectator sport.

Google has become a bloated leviathan of unfathomable proportions, and even its own employees are no longer able to comprehend the scale of the operation. While it is safe to say that most people are aware that Google and its ilk track the vast majority of our digital footprint, it seems like the company no longer cares who knows what when it comes to its anti-privacy practices. With that said, there are quite a few skeletons that Google would rather keep in its closet, as the team from CyberNews team asserts! (Editors’ Note: the views and opinions expressed by the contributors do not necessarily reflect the views of this publication or its representatives.)

1. Google knows you better than you know yourself
Let us begin our exposé with something obvious. Namely, the fact that Google scans, records and stores—forever—your every Google search, email conversation,

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