Guide to Staying Hopeful Despite Adversity

During catastrophic times, hope can be hard to find. In fact, as we are approaching the end of 2021, many are exhausted because of the ongoing pandemic—with new variants emerging. Although science and medicine have made it possible to give a clear path to the situation, the feeling of uncertainty remains. For others, it has been almost two years filled with this stressor. However, for some, it is just an added worry. Many of us carry personal burdens that make it even harder in times like these. That is why it is essential to spread the essence of hope.

Hope is more than just having wishful thinking. Instead, it is mainly seen as something that people can have to reach their goals. Positive Psychology even describes hope as a pleasant mental state characterized by a sense of effective goal-direction decision and goal-attainment planning. Hope is not just about how things are currently going but about maintaining a positive attitude and mindset. It’s much more about developing purposeful thinking and having foreseeable motivation through believing that you can attain your goals. It is believed to lead to improved performance, success, and overall satisfaction. Thus, having hope is crucial to hold onto.