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Submitted by • October 9, 2018

On January 1 of Year one Ant and Bee formed X Corporation. On that date Ant contributed land with a FMV of $10,000 and an adjusted basis to A of $3,500. B contributed two capital assets: CA #1 (FMV $6,000, AB $8,000), and CA#2, FMV $6,000, AB $5,000), B also contributed a liability (which had a legitimate business purpose) of $1,000 which was assumed by X. A received 100 shares in exchange and B received 100 shares and $1,000 cash in the exchange.


X received $5,000 revenue from operations
On July 1 X distributed $1,000 cash to A and $1,000 cash to B.
On October 15 X received $2,000 of dividends from Y corp. (X owns < 1% of Y stock)
On December 21 X sold CA #1 for $5,000

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