Donate towards Unheard Voices documentary project

Donate towards Unheard Voices: mothers on Documentary Project

Unheard Voices is a documentary that is between Tosha Smith-Mills and her son Christopher Horne are the epitome of visionaries and storytellers of this unseen narrative as they were directly impacted when Mrs. Mills’ son Blake received a forty-year prison sentence at seventeen years old for a robbery in Texas. This mother-son duo is out on a mission to uplift the dignity of mothers who all have their very own personal narratives with children in prison. Who thinks about the mothers? The mothers are the missing piece of the puzzle. As this started out as a passion project, Mrs. Mills started to witness the same illnesses that she faced when her son went to prison amongst other mothers; Mrs. Mills knew that she needed to inspire those who were on the same quest for freedom.

In this documentary, you'll witness healing and breakthroughs as each parent is coming into their very own personal reality, taking accountability, and overcoming a daunting nightmare that they thought would never shift from pain to purpose.

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