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Choosing an Online Learning Platform

In order to choose a proper, relevant online learning (training) platform for learning/training needs, for educational purposes (Schools in particular and Educational institutions in specific), companies in the corporate sector... Read More

Employees who build their professional training skills are more likely to increase their productivity which leads to thriving successful businesses. Employees in any organization, regardless of sectors, should be given... Read More

mPowerO – An End-To-End e-Learning Solution

mPowerO, a mobile-based eLearning solution, is a teacher-led, communication, and testing platform for educational institutes to ensure uninterrupted and smooth learning in and outside the classroom, beyond the institute’s campus.... Read More

Virtual Learning Platform & eLearning Mobile App

mPowerO is an e Learning mobile application & virtual learning solution that is built for educational institutions, enterprises for training across vast geographies in a cost-effective manner. mPowerO is a... Read More