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Blue Cross is a well-known name in Canada, owing to the vast number of group insurance plans that they insure across the country. Blue Cross provides yearly travel insurance as... Read More

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The Canadian Super Visa Program has been helping Canadian citizens and permanent residents reunite with their foreign parents and grandparents since 2011. Because of the accompanying Super Visa medical insurance,... Read More

It's more beneficial to start the super visa application process early as you may require to ask your grandparents about their health or even need to consult their family doctor... Read More

Travel insurance is designed to cover losses arising from unexpected circumstances. It is important that you read and understand your policy as your coverage may be subject to certain limitations... Read More

Since family reunion is always a priority for Canada, thousands of grandparents and parents choose the Super Visa every year to visit their Canadian sponsors. The Super Visa Program... Read More

100% refund - If no Visa Granted for any reason before effective date. Partial Refunds - In case your parents decide to go back sooner than one year, prorated refund... Read More

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