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Lyla Blanc Afzal Non Alcoholic Deodorant | Alcohol Free Deodorant in India

Lyla Blanc proudly presents AFZAL Non-Alcoholic Perfumed Deodorant for the first time in India which is Halal Certified. Get into the spirit of Celebrations this Ramadan and create long-lasting memories with... Read More

AFZAL | Non Alcoholic Perfumed Deodorant | Halal Certified

Get into the spirit of Celebrations this Ramadan and create long-lasting memories with #Afzal Premium Non-alcoholic Perfumes. Your Attitude & Scent is the First Impression.Spray the Attitude with our range... Read More

Be Romantic & Playful with Naughty Girl Deodorants I SHEHNAAZ INFLUENCER 1

Naughty Girl Deodorant is a fragrant infusion of earthy and woody elements. Emphasizing the richness of spicy and earthy ingredients, Jambo belongs to the Woody Spicy family that makes it... Read More


Aromatherapy is famous for its effective healing and stress releasing benefits. Studies have discovered that olfactory stimulation through fragrance inhalation employs numerous psycho physiological effects on humans. The brands like... Read More

Buy AFZAL Non Alcoholic Deodorants For Men & Women Online In India | Lyla Blanc

Buy AFZAL Non Alcoholic Deodorants for Men & Women online at Lylablanc. Get a wide range of well priced Non Alcoholic Deodorants for men & women. Buy Afzal Non Alcoholic... Read More

Buy Premium Perfumes & Fragrances for Men Online in India | Lyla Blanc

Buy Premium and 100% original Perfumes & Fragrances for Men online at best prices in India. Check out the wide variety of Men's Perfume on Lylablanc. Browse Lylablanc's enticing collection... Read More

Fragrance for your Wedding Day

The best perfume for your wedding day can describe ‘YOU’ as a bride or groom. Let people never forget the fragrance trail that you leave behind while walking down the... Read More

Abdul Rashid Miftahi Visits Lyla Blanc Store | Mumbai | @Miftahi Channel

We welcomed the extra ordinary Abdul Rashid Miftahi to the Lyla Blanc Perfume Store in #Mumbai​. Mesmerized by our product range, he was in awe of our Non-Alcoholic... Read More

Best Perfume and Deodorants For Men and Women | Perfume | Deodorant | Lyla Blanc

Lyla Blanc has wide range of perfume & deodorant collection for men’s & women’s. We have naughty girl collection for women a definitely crowd pleaser with infusion of floral, fresh... Read More