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Off-Highway Vehicles are more expensive than regular vehicles, and their maintenance costs are considerably higher. The additional equipment (differentials, transfer case, etc.) complicates the vehicle and adds weight, which raises... Read More

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Logistics Analytics, Manufacturing Analytics, Planning & Procurement, Sales & Operations Analytics, and Visualization & Reporting are the sub-segments of the global Supply Chain Analytics market. In 2020, the Sales &... Read More

Over the forecast period, the service segment is expected to develop at a CAGR of 12%. The requirement for managed professional services to assure content delivery in a single piece.... Read More

In terms of payment method, the point-of-sale segment dominated the market in 2020, accounting for almost 52.0 percent of worldwide revenue. Point of sale systems are the systems used by... Read More

The ability of smart contract block chain technologies to cover a wide range of end-user groups, from customers to manufacturers, is expected to be a key element in their dominance.... Read More

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