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Advantages and disadvantages of visual aids

Submitted by • August 21, 2018

This is a discussion forum for Week 3. You are to make at least three significant posts that help develop the discussion around these topics. You should also thread your posts to related information. You must read what others post and connect your thoughts to those already on the board. Working on different topics is strongly suggested, but not required. Staying with the discussion throughout the week is strongly encouraged.

There are 4 topics and you may participate in discussion on any or all of the topics.  While you should incorporate the content of readings into your posts, I discourage exclusive quoting or paraphrasing of the material. Instead, I ask you to present your own understanding of the information by sharing your knowledge and incorporating the information you learned by providing your own examples.
From Sunday-Sunday, you should make at least three posts to the board. All posts should be 200-250 words and must be connected to the ongoing discussion

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