5 kVA On-Grid, Off-Grid and Hybrid Solar Inverter

A 5kVA solar inverter is a portable size multi-function inverter that combines the functions of a solar inverter, solar charge controller, and battery charger to provide you stable and uninterruptible power supply. UTL 5kVA solar inverter are next-generation solar inverters with sleek artistic design, high efficiency and are easy to install. Our exclusive range of 5kVA solar inverters are equipped with an in-built solar charge controller that allows you to save more on your electricity bills.

UTL Solar inverters are the first most choice of Indian people for a long time. UTL solar inverter are available in various sizes, models, designs, and other related specifications and manufactured by using quality assured material and advanced techniques. Our 5kVA solar inverter are available in 3 different types that meet all your requirements. These three types of 5kVA solar inverter are as below:

5kVA On Grid Solar Inverter (On-Grid Solar Inverter: An on-grid solar inverter is recommended only to those who are suffering from heavy electricity bills on a regular basis and want to save the money by reducing it.)

5kVA Off Grid Solar Inverter (Off-Grid Solar Inverter: An off-grid solar inverter is recommended to those who are troubled by the problem of frequent power outages and want power backup for crucial times.)

5kVA Hybrid Solar Inverter (Hybrid Solar Inverter: A hybrid solar inverter is recommended for those who want to enjoy both the features of an on-grid solar inverter and off-grid solar inverter in one inverter.)