100% Organic Karela Powder – Pure and Organic l Bitter gourd Powder

Naturalherbal Is A Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Wholesaler In India Of Ayurvedic Product Karela Powder For Viral Care. Naturalherbal Products Are Made From Herbs Sourced From Forest. All The Herbs We Manufacture Are Used In Ayurveda Which Is A Alternative Way Of Treatment. Ayurveda Medicine Evolved In India And Is Considered To Be The World Oldest Healthcare System. Naturalherbal Karela Powder Is Made From The Seeds Of Bitter Melon Which Is Selected From The Best Quality Of Karela, To Give You Best Results. Please Look Out For Our Wide Range Of Other Pure Herbs Powder. Karela Powder Has Various Common Names Such As Bitter Melon Powder, Bitter Gourd Powder, Bitter Melon Supplements Etc. Additionally, To Be Very Useful In Blood Sugar Management. This Bitter Melon Supplement Is Pack With A Rich Source Of Nutrients. Bitter Melon Powder May Contain Alkaloids, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Folate Etc. Additionally, This Bitter Gourd Powder Also May Contain Sodium, Proteins, Vitamins, Selenium Etc To Promote Healthy Sugar Management.